In a day and age when junk food culture is on the rise and fast-food eateries are just a call away, living a healthy lifestyle needs complete dedication and commitment. While most people think it requires a considerable amount of money for that expensive gym membership and costly diet foods, that’s not really the case. One can actually stay fit and healthy without spending oodles of money on organic stuff. Here we have come up with few ideas to make healthy living an easier task for you.

1. Look for Workouts That Are Free

Instead of joining a gym or paid yoga session, try making a habit of walking or running in a park near your home or office which can be one way to exercise for free. Another step towards living a healthy life could be using different at-home workout videos that are easily available on YouTube. You just need an exercise mat to perform all the exercises staying within the comfort of your home. You can also download free of cost fitness apps that can track your food intake and keep you updated on your calorie intakes.

2. Buy Local Produce

Look for cheaper, home-grown options like leafy greens, seasonal fruits, and grains that are grown in South Asian countries. Ragi, Jowar and Bajra and even oats are full of nutrition and are easy on the pocket as well. While exotic foods like avocados, acai berries, and kale are high on nutrition level, they are slightly expensive hence just stick to your normal grocery list.

3. Stick to Homemade Meals

Cook at home. By cooking yourself, you also gain the benefit of knowing exactly what is in your food. If you don’t cook much, start with easy recipes that are healthy and quick to make, like salads or sandwiches. You can try grilling or roasting, which are a healthier option rather than frying in oils.

4. Don’t Shop When You’re Hungry

If you go to the grocery store hungry, you are more likely to stray from your grocery list and buy something on impulse. When you’re hungry, you often crave foods that aren’t good for you or your budget. Try to grab a piece of fruit, yogurt or another healthy snack before you go to the store.

5. Make Food in Bulk Quantities

If you are office going individual and usually are short on time to prepare home-cooked meals every single day. Then make your meals in bulk quantities and keep using leftovers. Leftovers can be used for lunches, in other recipes or frozen in single-portion sizes to be enjoyed later on.

These are a few key points and tips that can be followed if you are genuinely interested in living a healthy and nutritional life. The idea is to put a full stop to eating readily available processed foods and go back to basics and commit to fully organic lifestyle.

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