NEW DELHI: Vice president M Venkaiah Naidu on Monday urged all members of the Rajya Sabha to do some soul searching because “all is not well” as far as meeting people’s expectations is concerned.
The upper house of parliament took up a discussion on ‘Role of Rajya Sabha in Indian Polity and the Way Forward’ on the first day of the 250th session of the House on Monday.
Naidu said the House has played a significant role in the socio-economic transformation of the country during its journey of last 67 years but “all is not well”.
He urged the members to look within to answer the question– “Are we contributing to enhancing the standing of this august institution by our words and deeds both within the House and outside?”.
He gave 10 suggestions to the members in order to make a difference to the functioning of the House, henceforth.
He suggested that there should be adequacy of the number of the sittings in the context of the House meeting for about 60-70 days in a year now, keeping in view the nature and volume of legislations and time available for discussing issues of public importance.
He also referred to the recent incident when a parliamentary committee on urban affairs had called a meeting to discuss the issue of air pollution in national capital but 25 of the 29-members did not turn up.
He said members should follow norms for equitable and wider participation in debates and the political parties should ensure that those with the right background and abilities who can enrich discussions are sent to the House.
He also asked for ensuring self-discipline on the part of the members to ensure compliance with the rules of the business for orderly functioning of the House.
For better infrastructure support to the members; ensuring adequate presence of MPs in the House all through the proceedings and in the meetings of the Department Related Standing Committees and other committees of the House is a must, he said.
Besides, he also stressed on technology adoption for improving the functioning of the members and for more lively conduct of the proceedings of the House.
Naidu also informed the House earlier that the resignations of three members– K C Ramamurthy, Tazeen Fatma, Ram Kumar Kashyap have been accepted.

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