CHENNAI:Pushing ahead with its strategy to penetrate the Dravidian stronghold and take its campaign to give saint-poet Thiruvalluvar a Hindu identity onto the social media, BJP’s state IT wing has asked all district units to unveil the portrait of the Tamil icon in saffron robes and vibhuti (ash) on the forehead and arms.
They released the portrait on social media over the last weekend. BJP cadres and functionaries have also been asked to register the unveiling of the ‘new look’ Thiruvalluvar in their official and personal twitter handles and other social media platforms with the ‘Thiruvalluvar’ hashtag.
It has also asked partymen to keep the poet’s picture in their houses, offices and offer prayers and floral tribute to him. Besides this, the cadres have been asked to distribute pocket-size pictures of the poet to the general public as part of their two-day campaign.
The strategy is to hit hard at the DMK and its president M K Stalin, who criticised BJP for giving the poet a saffron hue in social media. It triggered the political slugfest and continued to stoke controversy the last few days.
“With permission from senior leaders, we have asked all the district units and functionaries to unveil the portrait of saint Thiruvalluvar in saffron robes and to take the image to our partymen’s houses. It is aimed at undoing the DMK leaders’ attempt to rid the poet’s Hindu identity,” the party’s IT wing state president C T RNirmal Kumar told TOI.
The programmes and events organised in this regard would be posted in social media to set off anational trend over the weekend, he added. Asked why the new-found love for Thiruvalluvar, Kumar said it was part of the BJP’s game plan to chip away at the Dravidian support base. PM Narendra Modi spoke about the greatness of Tamil language. But the political parties are trying to denigrate his efforts.
“We have instructed the functionaries to print calendars with Thiruvalluvar image from the coming year,” he added.

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