NEW DELHI: BJP spent over Rs 1,264 crore on general party propaganda during elections to the Lok Sabha and four state assemblies in April-May last year, a jump of 77% over the Rs 714 expenditure it had incurred on the 2014 general election.
As per the election expenditure statement submitted to the Election Commission by BJP, it spent around Rs 1,078 crore on general party propaganda and Rs 186.5 crore for candidates. The expenditure on candidates includes Rs 6.33 lakh spent on media payments, Rs 46 lakh on publicity material, Rs 9.91 crore on public meetings and processions, Rs 2.52 crore on other expenses and Rs 48.96 lakh on publicity of criminal antecedents of candidates.
In contrast, the Congress had spent Rs 820 crore on general election expenditure in 2019 and Rs 516 crore in 2014.
The total expenditure incurred by the BJP’s central headquarters on general propaganda for polls to Lok Sabha and state assemblies of Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh totalled Rs 755 crore, of which Rs 175.68 crore was spent on star campaigners, Rs 325 crore on media advertisements (print, electronic, bulk SMS, cable, websites, TV channels), Rs 25.40 crore on publicity material including posters, cutouts and banners, Rs 15.91 crore on public meetings and Rs 212.72 crore on ‘other’ expenses.
The central party headquarters also paid lump-sum amount totalling Rs 651 crore to state units for poll expenses.
BJP had declared total income of over Rs 2,410 crore for the year 2018-19, a rise of 134% over its Rs 1,027 crore income shown in 2017-18. Of the Rs 2,410 crore income declared by the party in its annual audit report for 2018-19 filed with the EC, over Rs 1,450 crore came from electoral bonds alone.
In 2017-18, BJP had declared an income of Rs 210 crore from the electoral bonds route.
The total expenditure declared by BJP for 2018-19 was over Rs 1,005 crore, a 32% rise over its Rs 758 crore expenditure during 2017-18.

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