BHOPAL: Following orders by Supreme Court to several states to stop stubble burning, chief minister Kamal Nath on Thursday appealed to farmers in the state to protect the environment from pollution. In his appeal to farmers of Madhya Pradesh, chief minister Nath said, “I want to appeal to you not to burn stubble keeping the environment in mind.
Apart from pollution, burning of stubble also destroys nutrient value in soil and generate green-house gases which damage the environment.”
The Supreme Court on Thursday directed several state governments including Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to take immediate steps to stop stubble burning. Though Madhya Pradesh is not one of those states rapped by the Apex Court, chief minister Nath sent out the appeal to farmers.
“According to experts, stubble burning emits half-burnt carbon, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and ashes which increases dust particles to add to air pollution,” the chief minister’s appeal said. “Besides, it also burns micro-bacteria and damages the entire eco-system. Agricultural experts say that if wheat is sown without burning stubble then the straw will turn into manure and benefit the wheat crop.”
The chief minister argued that there are tools that can cut the stubble and the same land can be used for the next sowing. “Both options are beneficial for farmers. Stubble can be used as cattle feed instead of burning them and should be utilized for power production and manufacture of paper and cardboard,” he said in the statement.
Kamal Nath’s appeal further said, “The most vital issue today is environment protection and Supreme Court has said that every person has the right to breathe clean air. Farmers are saviours of environment and greenery. Instead of burning stubble, they should opt for modern techniques so that there are cattle feed and clean air.” The chief minister added that Madhya Pradesh should be protected from the pollution that is presently affecting other states. He appealed to the agrarian community in the state to do their bit to save the environment.
While urging farmers to save air pollution, chief minister Nath also calmed farmers and said, “Heavy rainfall has caused crop damage and the government is trying its level best to compensate that. We have asked for help from the Union government. Our government is committed to compensating you for your losses.”

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