NEW DELHI: Congress seems to have settled on the position that the Supreme Court judgment on the Ayodhya issue would be final and should be accepted by all to bury the long-festering controversy for good.
With the apex court judgment set to be delivered next month and the realisation that its controversial nature lends itself to differences of opinion with political consequences, the opposition party is likely to toe the safe and non-controversial line.
While the party has in the past skirted controversies relating to Ayodhya by pointing to the case’s pendency before the top court, questions about the final Congress stance are being asked now that the judgement is just days away.
The issue gains importance in the backdrop of dissonance in Congress triggered by the Centre’s decision to revoke special status to Jammu & Kashmir. Many party leaders broke from Congress’s opposition of the government move to welcome the defanging of Article 370.
Asked about the Congress stance on Ayodhya, AICC legal department chairman Vivek Tankha told TOI, “We will abide by the order of the Supreme Court.” A senior lawyer and Rajya Sabha MP, Tankha refused to elaborate on his statement.

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