Malaika Arora is among the fittest Bollywood celebrities known for her love for a healthy lifestyle. But like several other Bollywood celebrities, she is being a responsible citizen by exercising social distancing and self-isolation in the times of the Coronavirus pandemic. Owing to her every busy and active lifestyle, it must not be easy sitting home for the diva but she has takena  break from work and is staying majorly at home. However, being the productive person that she has always been, Malaika is making the most of her time at home by keeping it calm and serene.

An avid yogi, Malaika Arora is well-aware of the importance of a relaxed and peaceful mind. Living by the beachside and in self-quarantine with her son Arhaan Khan, she starts her day looking at the tranquil Juhu beach.

She is well-aware of energy conservation as well. Hence, she used candles instead of electricity whenever possible. Since mama and Arhaan are staying home only, the two are taking this time to bond and click each other’s pictures. So when mum Malaika Arora sits in the window with her beloved dog Casper, Arhaan holds the camera and when Arhaan chills in the living room in their sunny apartment, Malaika Arora clicks a picture of her beloved son.

Malaika has also been using her social media to spread awareness about the need to sanitise. 

Social distancing is being practised by many celebrities worldwide because no vaccine has been invented yet. The only way of keeping this virus at bay is maintaining a safe distance from the fellow humans. COVID-19 or the novel coronavirus increases exponentially and has been spreading rapidly all over the world. Although it initially started in Wuhan China, COVID-19 is now a pandemic and a global health emergency according to WHO. Currently, Europe is the epicentre of COVID-19 where many people have lost their lives, especially in Italy. Apart from social distancing, the experts are also urging the people to maintain strict personal hygiene and wash hands repeatedly.

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