NEW DELHI: The steel ministry has notified the Steel Scrap Policy assigning the tasks each ministry would do to increase availablity of the scrapped material by another 7 million tonnes, which India currently imports.
According to the policy, which was made public on Wednesday said currently around 25 million tonnes of scrapped steel comes from the domestic unorganized industry and import of 7 million tonnes scrap costs about Rs 24,500 crore annually.
Efficient use of scrap for steel production is crucial for India as 35- 40% share has been envisaged from scrap-based steel production in the journey of 300 million tonnes per annum by 2030. “This shall increase requirement of steel scrap from present level of around 30 million tonnes to more than 70 million tonnes by 2030,” the policy said.
The policy said to meet this requirement around 70 collection and dismantling centres would be required.
Scrap is an important input for the electric furnaces. If quality scrap is provided as the charge to the electric furnaces then the furnaces can produce high grade steel. The policy aims to help all stakeholders engaged in collection, dismantling, processing and transportation for sustainable development of scrap-based steel industry.
It envisages crucial role of road transport ministry, which will soon come out with a voluntary vehicle scrapping policy. It said the transport ministry will formulate a stricter fitness certification policy to stop plying of unfit and polluting vehicles.
The steel ministry’s policy, which was notified on Wednesday, said, “Based on discussions with road transport and highways ministry (MoRTH), it emerges that they would notify their policy on promoting phasing out of old polluting vehicles within three months.” Interestingly, the transport ministry has also brought out a draft guideline for setting up of the vehicle scrapping centres.
The also said transport and heavy industries ministries would work together to put the “extended producer responsibility (EPR)” framework requiring the vehicle manufacturers to incentivize scrapping of unfit vehicles by offering discounts for purchase of new ones.

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