Kahin Deep Jalay continues to top the TRP charts – and who can blame viewers?  The show boasts of a great cast and a story that’s gripping in a guilty-pleasure sort of way.  Rida is a lovable enough character that viewers want to see what happens to her and if she finally gets justice against all those who misjudged her and threw accusations her way.  However, in order to watch this show, one has to temporarily suspend their brain cells as characters change personalities overnight on this show.
Episode 26 of “Kahin Deep Jalay” is uneventful overall.  There are three angles:  Asim & Haatim hating their sister, Zeeshan crying for “forgiveness,” and Shameela playing more games.  Asim and Haatim continue to ignore Rida’s existence, pretending as though she doesn’t live under the same roof as her, brushing her off as if she’s not worthy of being looked at.  But the bottom line here is – what are they angry about?  What exactly is Rida’s crime?  Zeeshan himself came to the house to apologize and told everyone that he was mistaken about the test.  Are they upset about the letter Zeeshan found?  Because even that has been cleared by Tauqeer himself.  What is it that they are angry about?  Is Rida responsible for their crazy cousin Salman murdering Faham?  Are they mad at her for not returning to Zeeshan’s house after he falsely accused her of having “relations” with another man?  What is the issue with these two illogical, untrusting brothers who have more compassion for their insane, psycho Shameela Bhabi , a woman who has wronged them time and time again while married to Faham, than for their own sister who they used to claim to love?  What makes this show more frustrating to watch is that Khadija (Saba Faisal) has all the information, she knows everything that has been going on and yet, she does not have the words or the backbone to openly say exactly what needs to be said.  She has sat on Shameela’s evil behavior for so long that now, even if she does say something, these two brainless sons of hers will not believe it – because it’s easier to believe their evil Bhabi over their mother.  Right? According to the writer, yes.  Anyway, that’s a tangent I could go on every week.
Zeeshan (Imran Ashraf) continues to cry in a corner, though now his repentance is shown as “spiritual” as he cries in the masjid and asks Allah for forgiveness.  Forgiveness for what?  For questioning Rida’s loyalty?  But what about how he treated Rida’s family?  What about how he treated Rida like a servant in his home?  Is he sorry for any of that?  Zeeshan is a mess of a character, a man who could very clearly be labeled “toxic.”  He is a toxic man.  And while Imran Ashraf’s performance is brilliant as this hot mess, he’s barely even present in this episode.
Last, but not least Shameela (Nazish Jahangir) gets into a fight with her Bhabi and leaves home.  She sits on the street until she is picked up by a police and Haatim is called to get her.  Though he drops her home, he discusses “poor” Shameela’s predicament with Asim, the fact that she’s not happy in either house, and the two are seen brainstorming.  We’ve been predicting this mess for weeks, that Haatim will marry Shameela and it’s yet another unbelievable track.  But I suppose these brothers went from being intelligent men to brainless ones specifically for this track, so here we go.
This episode is unimpressive.  The acting in this episode is unimpressive other than the few moments that Rida and Zeeshan are shown (separately).  This upcoming track with Shameela and Haatim is unimpressive.  The most impressive character, Faham (Ali Abbas), is gone and with him, the show’s sense of logic and reality has also kind of flown out the window.

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