BHOPAL: Deputy secretary in MP government Niyaz Khan took to twitter on Wednesday to express his views on National Register for Citizen (NRC). He requested the Prime Minister to give the country’s citizenship only to honest people.
He shot five tweets ….
Believe me, if that is executed with true heart, most of public posts with government authority will be vacant and honest citizens will get an opportunity to serve the nation.

As a writer and citizen of India I request the honourable Prime Minister to consider this point. It’s an urgent need of time. Only honest people should be citizens of the country.

Trust me, if that is executed with true heart, most public posts with government authority will be vacant. Honest people can get the opportunity to serve the nation.

Anyone who is corrupt has no right to be a citizen, but it’s unfortunate, such corrupt people show themselves the greatest patriots. Country will be clean if such guys are thrown out of the National Register of Citizens.

NRC must be against all the people who steal government money. Every penny of the nation belongs to poor citizens who are struggling for bread and butter. Even the children have no clothes to cover themselves. Corrupt guys with government authority are responsible for their poverty, Khan tweeted.

Khan became second senior officer of MP government to express his views on NRC/CAA on social media in three days. Before him, Mandla district Collector Jagdish Chandra Jatiya found himself in the middle of a controversy through a Facebook post. Replying to a comment on his wall, Jatia wrote “mujhe apne vivek ka istemal karna aata hai. Mian khud CAA/NRC ka support nahi karta. Mara-peeti bhi TV par delhi hi hain,”
This is not the first time Khan fearlessly expressed his views on social media.
In July last year Khan took to twitter to express his fear for the safety of the minority community in the country. He even advised Bollywood actors of his community to start finding new names to protect their movies.
Khan, a deputy secretary in the Madhya Pradesh government posted in secretariat, has written five novels- Destiny in Drugs, Confessions at Black Grave, Untold Secrets of My Ashram, Love Demands Blood and Talaq.
In January last year, bureaucrat Khan took to social media to express his pain after a senior IAS officer allegedly told him to ‘get out’ of his chamber during a meeting. Khan has been transferred over 20 times in 13 years of service.
Khan told TOI he expressed his personal views as an educated citizen and writer and does not wish to spark any controversy.

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