NEW DELHI: Following Centre’s withdrawal of Gandhi family’s SPG cover on Friday, reactions started pouring in from both sides of the political spectrum.
Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi will now get ‘Z+’ security by the CRPF on an all-India basis, as per government sources.
The decision to withdraw the SPG cover given to the family of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, who was assassinated by LTTE terrorists on May 21, 1991, was taken after a detailed security assessment, a senior official said.
While Congress leaders condemned the move pointing out how Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were assassinated, others argued that Rahul and Priyanka did not always use their SPG security.
Ashok Gehlot, chief minister of Rajasthan and a senior Congress leader said in a tweet that the security cover given to leaders should not be politicized.

Congress leader Ahmed Patel in a tweet called the move a “personal vendetta mechanism”.

Congress working committee member Jitin Prasada called it a “sinister” move.
“Withdrawing the SPG security cover of a family that has lost its family members in the line of duty to brutal political assassinations reveals the sinister vendetta politics of this government,” Prasada said.
Jaiveer Shergill, national spokesperson, questioned the move saying that a month back BJP wanted to extend the SPG cover to Rahul Gandhi even on his trips abroad but have now withdrawn it.

Srinivas BV, national president of Indian Youth Congress called the Centre’s move a “cheap and dirty trick”.

Demanding to restore Gandhis’ SPG cover, Rajeev Satav, former Congress MP, said that the withdrawal is a “political vendetta”.

Other than Congress leaders and spokespersons, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national executive member Preeti Menon too took to Twitter to condemn Centre’s move.

The Gandhis will be without SPG protection after 28 years. They were included in the VVIP security list following an amendment in September 1991 in the SPG Act of 1988.

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