NEW DELHI: FASTags were supposed to have become mandatory on highways for paying tolls from December 15, but the government has given a month’s extension. So, you will definitely need one by January 15 next year. So far, around 1 crore FASTags have been issued. But there is still a lot of confusion about how to go about getting one and how to recharge it. TOI tells you what you need to do.
How do you get a FASTag?
You can get it online through banks’ websites, Amazon, Flipkart and Paytm Mall. Then there are point of sale (PoS) locations of the certified issuing banks —there are 24 of them — at toll plazas or banks’ sales offices. You can also get them at Common Service Centres, at the office of toll operator at plazas, some selected petrol pumps, and the regional offices of NHA.
But you will need documents…
Since FASTag, a prepaid rechargeable tag, is linked to an account, KYC documentation is required. You will need to submit the Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle along with the application for FASTag and your own proof of identity.
Couldn’t the documentation have been avoided?
Certainly. Since this is about easy payment of tolls – essentially an RFID powered tech solution to cut down long queues at toll booths – all you needed was a FASTag that could be bought from any store or online. So long as each tag had a unique number, you could then just link it to your bank account or mobile wallet or credit card. That would have made the whole process so much simpler.
How much does a new tag cost?
A tag costs Rs 100, but now it is being given away free. Then, there’s a Rs 200 security money (for NHAI tags there is Rs 150 discount). This is the onetime cost. You will, of course, need to top up your tag with the money which will then get deducted at toll plazas. Rs 200 is the minimum initial top-up.
Okay, so how do you top up?
Issuing banks give the facility for recharging a tag linked to a bank account through various channels such as payment through cheque, credit card/debit card/NEFT/RTGS or through net banking & UPI as well. You need to check the website of the issuer bank. For NHAI tags, you need to download My FASTag app (in android) & link your FASTag either with your bank account directly or create a wallet.
What is the validity of a FASTag?
FASTags have unlimited validity. The balance amount is nonlapsable and the unspent amount is carried forward.
What if you have an old FASTag? Will that work?
All pre-installed FASTags in new vehicles post-2017 are functional. But you will need to locate the SMS you received when the vehicle was taken out of the showroom. It has details of the issuing bank and you can revive it. In case, you have lost that message, take a photograph or note the FASTag no and send it to the issuer bank. You can call the helpline number mentioned on the tag or call the NHAI helpline number 1033. If you have one that goes back to before 2017, you will need to replace it with a new one
How do you how much you spent on tolls?
You will receive an SMS alert on your registered phone number each time a sum is deducted from your FASTag account.
In case you are going on a long journey and are worried about low balance…
You can call the helpline of your issuing bank or check in your login portal.
Can you switch from one bank to another?
Currently, this provision is not there. To switch to a new bank, you have to surrender/block the current one and buy a new FASTag
What if the car you’re driving is in your spouse’s name?
You need to key in the RC details, which gets verified, and give your mobile number to link your account.

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