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Forget buying a new computer over Cyber Monday – a mouse is what really makes or breaks your computing experience, and this fantastic deal means one of our favorites is now very affordable.

This deal is for the Razer Naga Trinity, a gaming-centric mouse we found is great whether you’re a gamer or just a computer power-user. It’s got customizable side panels, a comfortable design, and smooth motions.

Deals in both the US and UK have slashed the price of the mouse, which was a little pricey when it released, making it now a decently affordable purchase.  (Not in the US or UK? Scroll down for today’s best Razer Naga Trinity deals in your region.

We can’t recommend this mouse deal enough, so if you’re on the market for a new clicker, look no further.

Razer Naga Trinity: $99.99 $59.99 at Amazon

This is one of our favorite mice, for gaming and normal use, and it’s now at a decently affordable price thanks to Cyber Monday deals. We’d totally recommend it if you use your computer mouse a lot, as it’s great for all kinds of uses.

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Razer Naga Trinity: £79.99 £49.99 at Currys

In the UK, the Razer Naga Trinity is a little pricer than in the US (thanks to conversion rates) but it’s also much cheaper thanks to Cyber Monday. The great mouse is now sub-£50.

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Not in the US or UK? Here are the best prices for Razer Naga Trinity in your region:

TechRadar is scouring every retailer and rounding up all the top deals over the Black Friday period, and we’ve put all the best Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals in easy-to-navigate articles to help you find the bargains you’re looking for. 

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