NEW DELHI: On the third anniversary of the Modi government’s demonetisation decision, Congress President Sonia Gandhi accused the Modi government of snatching livelihoods and said Congress will not allow India to forget or forgive the “Tughlaqi blunder”.
Gandhi also said the PM and his colleagues never took responsibility for the “faux pas” that claimed over 120 lives and proved a death knell for India’s medium and small businesses.
“No matter how much the Modi government may try and evade responsibility for this ludicrous and short-sighted measure, the nation and its people will ensure that they are held accountable,” Gandhi said in a statement.
“The prime minister and his colleagues have stopped speaking about demonetisation since 2017, hoping that the nation will forget. Unfortunately for them, the Congress will ensure that neither the nation nor history, forgives or forgets. Because unlike the BJP, we serve in the national interest,” she added.
She said three years on, demonetisation is perhaps the single most appropriate metaphor for the BJP’s “ill-conceived governance model”.
Referring to demonetisation as a “spectacular failure”, Gandhi also said the decision was a “preposterous measure fuelled by false propaganda, which did untold damage to innocent and trusting countrymen”.
“This, in a nutshell, is a summary of the Modi government’s approach to governance,” she said, adding that demonetisation had failed to to deliver on all things it had promised to do and was marked only by shifting goalposts and narratives.

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